I have this habit of becoming too attached to people. I can tell that they get bored of me, and just want me to leave but I still hang around and conform to whatever they do. Not even to be a follower, but just to be wanted. You know the feeling of being wanted and everything seems great and you’re just…happy. It really sucks when for no reason that person just wants nothing to do with you. You try your best to make them happy even if its at the risk of your own happiness, and you’re okay with that. You want that person to know that you’re there for them and always will be. They take advantage of that and use you to no extent; and when they’re done with you, you’ll be tossed aside faster than you can imagine. This happens to me so many times and you think I’d learn by now, but I never do.
I try to hold out hope that they’ll change and realize that I need them to be there for me like I was there for them—it’s yet to happen, but I’m still holding out hope.


Ayeee it’s Tulip<3
Herndon vs South Lakes Football Game

ayyeee its me
oh hai c:
went to cirque du soleil with my mom and sister c:
Hanging in times square with the naked cowboy…nbd
um I got a haircut
this is my friend guys
we cute
Hard work pays off :)